The complete photography guide for beginners

Learning to photograph like a professional requires a change in the way you think and see the world. This photography guide will put you in full control of your camera and teach you to see like a photographer. Advance your photography for less than the cost of a cinema ticket.


"Set your photography apart from the crowd and start taking better photographs today with a solid foundation that makes learning more productive."

When you start out in photography you're going to have many questions that need to be answered before you even begin to take control and see results. I wrote this guide to answer the questions that I remember having to overcome when I started out. With this knowledge, you'll overcome your challenges and begin to think like a photographer. Once you've got that down you'll be on the path to setting your own style.


Turn off 'Auto' and take control of your photography

Turn off Auto and take full control over every aspect of your photography. Don't let your camera make the wrong decisions.

With detailed and easy to grasp explanations, examples, images, and something extra for the more advanced learner, this guide will get you thinking like a pro. 'Capture With Confidence' sets you up with the skills and knowledge needed to progress much faster.

✔ Understand your camera settings
✔ Know how to achieve the result you want every time
✔ Craft artistic photographs with depth and movement
✔ Avoid common mistakes with colour, focus, and missed shots


Bring meaning to your photographs

This photography guide brings back the desire to think about our photography, arming you with the tools to use your photos to express emotion and stories. The thought processes you learn through this guide will help you focus on learning new techniques and developing your own style.

✩ Learn how professionals tell stories with photographs
✩ Understand how to add emotion to your photos
✩ Avoid meaningless photos with an improved mental workflow