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"An essential guide to photography in a world of automatic snapshots and Instagram filters.
Set your photography apart from the crowd with a stronger understanding of the processes professionals use."

Starting out at photography or improving your skills can feel like an epic undertaking. With so much advice out there it can be hard to find a place to start, so I wrote 'Capture with Confidence' and packed it full of proven and practical photography tips, in an order that makes perfect sense.

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"Enter a world of photographic wonders with this massive free photography tips e-book"

Learn how to use a camera, and why it works.

Aperture; Shutter speed; ISO; Evaluative, spot, centre weighted metering; white balance - what do they all mean, and how can we balance these controls to achieve the perfect exposure? 'Capture with confidence' does exactly that, give you confidence in your control of the camera, freeing you from auto, and placing you at the centre of your photography. 
With detailed and easy to grasp explanations, examples, images, and something extra for the more advanced learner, this guide will get you thinking like a pro. This free ebook offers more than just photography tips.

Take control of your camera & bring meaning to your photographs.

One of the greatest drawbacks of learning the technical skills behind any art is the tendency to over think the process at the cost of expressive freedom and meaning. And with today's easy to use cameras and automatic modes and effects, we've become so snap-happy that our snapshots have started to become meaningless and shallow. The camera becomes the photographer. Long-gone are the days of film where we had to conserve our shots for the very best moments. This photography guide brings back the desire to think about our photography, arming you with the tools to use your photos to express emotion and stories. 

Learn about the thought processes behind a professional photograph, from concept to click. Put yourself in the mind of the viewer and learn how to invoke emotion and tell a story with your photographs. Chapter 2 of this detailed photography guide is a thought provoking exercise in the psychology behind a meaningful photograph. 

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