Frequently asked Questions

Where do we shoot?

We hold our photo sessions at pet-friendly locations. For dogs we prefer large enclosed parks, and natural woodland. 
Our favourite locations are Haslam Park, and Cuerden Valley Park. Both locations are perfect for dogs and feature a wide variety of stunning mini-locations such as streams, woods, and wildflowers. If you prefer a home shoot, (recommended for cats) or have a different location in mind, we're happy to check it out.

Are Leads & Harnesses OK?

Some dogs need to be kept on a lead. While we encourage off the lead behaviour, we take this at your digression. We will direct the shoot to hide the lead where possible. If your dog wears a harness that you would prefer not to show on your photos please bring a collar with you. 

Is there a best time of day?

Yes. Just after sunrise, or before sunset are the best times for golden lit shots, weather permitting. This is England though, so just about any time of day is good when the weather isn't crystal clear.  Please don't book after dark though. 

What if it rains on the day of my shoot?

If the weather isn't looking so great on the day of your shoot your photographer will phone you to suggest rearranging at no additional charge. However, if your dog absolutely loves the rain, and you want something very different, we're happy to get wet too.