Dog Photography

Dog photography - close up portrait of a Spaniel in action

It's all about natural dog photos.

My professional dog photo sessions leave customers with something to talk about. I take a relaxed approach with both the dogs and owners so you'll all have a great time and have amazing photographs to choose from. I use only high grade professional equipment, however my natural style means no fake backgrounds or cheesy props, no forced poses, and whenever possible no scary flashes. Just lots of healthy fresh air and a fun photo shoot with your dog.
It's as easy as a walk in the park. Literally.
So if you're near Preston, Lancashire, book your dog in as the star of an amazing photo shoot!

How does a dog photo session work?

It's really simple, exactly how we, and the dogs like it, and we're always contactable if you need to ask a question.

  1. Buy a session via the secure online shop page.
    It'll be valid for 12 months and can be provided as a voucher if requested.
  2. Book your session using our booking page.
    I will contact you to arrange a location and confirm the booking. 
  3. Enjoy your dogs photo shoot.
    During the session I'll discuss any requests you have, and how you would like to display your photos so that I can tailor the shoot to your needs. Our session will be relaxed and informal, usually involving a walk around the location, encouraging your dog to play and explore while I capture all of the action. At the end, when your dog is more relaxed, I'll photograph some traditional portraits. 
    Your photos will be finished to a professional standard and I'll send your proofs in your preferred format. 
  4. Choose your photos.