Bookings and Enquiries

Step 1: Purchase a photo session (valid for 12 months)

Payment for animal photo sessions is in advance via our online shop. Once you receive your order number you're free to skip to step 2 and reserve your booking.
Voucher holders can skip to step 2 and book right away. 

Received a Voucher or Order reference number? Skip to Step 2

Step 2: Make your booking 

Book yourself in here. You will receive a confirmation email and a calendar invite to remind you. 
Tip: The first and last shoot of every day is a ‘Golden Hour’ Sunrise / Sunset photo shoot for the very best possible photos.

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You will receive a booking confirmation email and a link to manage your booking.
We will contact you to discuss the location and details of your pet photo session.

After the photoshoot

After your photo shoot we will finish your photos in our bespoke style and prepare as many professional quality proofs for you as we can.

Once you receive your proofs, you'll be able to get straight to ordering your prints though our online store, or with our assistance.

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