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The pet artist who turned tragic loss into tears of joy.

David is an extremely talented pet portrait artist who, after the tragic loss of his canine companion Sammy, started Pets in Portrait  - immortalising pets in oil on canvas as a way of helping others in the way that he helped himself. 

With over thirty years of experience and a keen brush hand, David creates stunning paintings of pets from photographs that the owners bring him. Using all of the photographs provided, and by listening to the owners he is able to capture the personality and individuality of the pet in exquisite detail. 

Passion for art & animals

When I asked David to describe his passion for the art - 

I am very lucky because I have been able to combine my love for art and animals together. I am equally passionate about both and have been from a very young age.
— David Aaron Joseph - Pets In Portrait

Something I can certainly relate to, and in David's work it truly shines through. His passion and skill have earned him endorsements from Southern Horse Magazine and Your Dog Magazine among others.

Most telling of all is the response from his customers. "On receiving the portrait I was brought to tears. This is truly the most valuable purchase I have ever made" - writes one customer about a fantastic horse portrait including her son. 

Spending from hours to days on each painting, every brush stroke is carefully crafted to recreate every beautiful detail that makes the animal unique - his favourite is the fur, especially on fluffy dogs where the various layers and shades require such wonderful attention to detail. 

To see his work, and learn more about the Portrait services that Pets in Portrait offer visit the website. 

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