An amazing editing suite - Nik Software Plugins

 So you've probably heard about Google's Nik Software aka The Nik Collection (only one of the greatest editing plugin suites around) - it's now free. So, having been a while since I had my hands on this great suite, I downloaded it and had a play. 

I got quite carried away, in fact, so much so that I only left myself a little time to write, so, here's a quick run down of the juicy bits. 

  1. Color Efex Pro 4 - Packed full of prebuilt filters and starting points. Many of them are way overkill as they are, but dial them down alot, and do a little stacking and you'll get a great result. As usual with Nik software, control points make it possible to selectively edit, naturally, while retaining a photographic look. 
  2. Analogue Efex Pro - Tonnes of classic and vintage film looks from classic cameras, to wet process, old corroded plate, and light leaks. 
  3. Dfine - Simply the best noise reduction this side of Topaz, potentially better. 
  4. Sharpener Pro - Pre-Process Raw sharpening and post process output sharpening. Simply brilliant at enhancing the detail at both ends of the workflow. 
  5. Silver Efex Pro - I've not used this recently but it's one of the best black and white plugins there is. 
  6. Viveza - Probably not much use to someone with a Lightroom workflow, but some enhanced features, and the control point system of selective editing does look more natural than brushed or masked processes. 
  7. HDR Efex Pro - The best HDR should not look like obvious HDR, and this can achieve that. 

The suite works with Aperture, Photoshop, and Lightroom.

And here's a couple of photos from last weekend, very quickly edited, using a mixture of Lightroom CC, Analogue Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, and Dfine.