Event 5th March - Cats Protection Spring Fair

We love cats! Cute fluffy, sometimes moody, always stubborn and mostly highly strung cats. We love cute cat photos, cat videos, and most of all, keeping cats. 

Unfortunately, not everyone would agree. 

30,000 stray cats per year

Every 30 seconds somebody in the UK calls the RSPCA to report animal cruelty. With over 7 million cats in the UK, the abandonment rate is growing.  Every year the RSPCA receives over 30,000 calls reporting stray cats.  Black, and Black & White cats are among the most often to be destroyed due to being 'unfashionable'.  A sad fact. 

Cats Protection

Cats Protection work hard to rehome cats, taking the time to provide veterinary care, and facilities to ensure the best for their feline guests. Per cat they spend on average £150 on care, and only ever ask for £50 of the new owner. A note on this, animals should never be traded for free as 'free to good home' ads often attract abusers and less serious potential owners.  

Relying on donations to cover the rest of the cost events like Saturdays Spring Fair are great ways for them to reach the community and raise the funds they need. 

Their next event is Saturday March 5th, at St. Leonards Church Hall in Penwortham, Preston.

Help the cats and get a photo session

We'll be there showing our support and letting people know about our photography services, and we hope you come along too. Give a donation, or pre-book a photo session. For every session we sell, we're donating double to cats protection - thats £10 from every sitting, which for Saturday only, will be only £40.  

There will also be arts and crafts stalls, gifts, and of course, Cats Protection, with their cats. 

Tell a friend about this event, and see you there!