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A photo shoot with Penny the Cockapoo


Those of you in the UK will be quite aware that in the last two weeks spring finally broke ground on 2018, and with the spring come new bookings for on-location dog photo shoots, and what a way to start the dog photography season!  We met Penny the Cockapoo at Worden park in Leyland in west Lancashire, a beautiful location with a variety of paths, flowered areas, and a woodland stream. Perfect for some classing dog photos and action shots.

We'd planned the dog photo shoot around the wooded area with a nice little walk before the stream so we could get a few clean and dry photos in before the inevitable dog vs mud & water photos! 

It was threatening to rain the whole time, but we caught a break, got the photos, and wrapped up a good hour before the heavens opened. 

Might have some award winners in this set after all!