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A pedigree British Bulldog photo shoot

We love to meet all breeds of dog equally, but when given the opportunity to photograph a breeding pedigree we get the chance to flex our artistic portraiture muscles. Of course, all dogs are different, and different dogs suit different styles of photography. While most of our photo shoots are 80% action and 20% portraiture, depending on the activity level of the dog, sometimes it’s time to calm it down and shoot for prestige and pure good looks.

Meet Bruce, a rare coloured British Bulldog

Bruce’s natural blue coat gave the greatest challenge to this shoot as faithful colour reproduction is always of great importance to us. We will play with the colours of the environment to bring out the mood we want, but every dog should appear true. Finding that balance of faithful colour and mood the all-important challenge.

Breaking from our tradition of natural-light-only portraits we brought out a portable flash to balance the sunlight and allow us to photograph in the shade. Normally, since our shoots are largely action photography flashes are impossible to use. Bruce was very well behaved and liked to be still enough for us to craft every shot with precision, opening up all the traditional dog photography options.

For this pedigree photo shoot we used Haslam Park in Preston, Lancashire for it’s wonderful variety and greenery.

I’m sure you can all agree that the results were amazing!