Be the best photographer you can be

We all have aspirations to be something.  Most of you want great photos.  Many of you will want to take great photos.  Some of you will want to be the best photographer you can possibly be

Perhaps you're starting from the beginning with a new camera, stuck in Auto mode and rarely getting the shots you imagined. or maybe you have some experience but just want to build a better foundation and are eager to learn more.  Whatever stage you are at, by seeking knowledge, inspiration, and through practice, practice, practice you can be better.  I can be better, we can ALL be better. Seek out knowledge from your peers, mentors, and heroes. Learn from what they have learned and adapt that knowledge to work for you in your own unique way.  Then pass on what you have learned.  This is how we become better.  By passing on knowledge, we reaffirm what we know, improve our own understanding, and see everything that little bit clearer.  We also help start someone new on the right path. 

My contribution is this guide.  A collection of my knowledge and experience as a working photographer.  A guide to learning how to navigate the pitfalls I myself and many others among us have endured.  Of course, that is not to say that our failings are not valuable. In fact it is how we pick ourselves up from a failure, learn, and attempt a new and better way that is the best teacher.  

The guide will be released for sale in stages - as each chapter is made ready I will be updating the shop to include the new content.


Your purchase will not only help me to provide continuous improvements and additions to the guide, but also help spread this knowledge, so please, share the news.

Thank you for your support and contribution to the art. 

Until next time.