A day out with the horses

Hello again, 

I've always loved animals, I have two cats, two Gerbils and a firm interest in the equestrian world.  Oh and a girlfriend who loves & rides horses.  I've often posted photos from Penny Farm, one of World Horse Welfares rescue centres in Blackpool, a more serious subject and charity interest of mine, however sometimes it's nice to just relax, take the camera out and watch Kerri tend to the horses.  

To me, capturing animal portraits is more than just finding the animal and pointing a camera.  Just like people portraits, there's a soul to capture.  In spending time with the animal a personality can be found captured.  

Meet Red - a horse full of personality and love.  He's a big softy and took a little while to get used to the click of the camera but once he'd familiarised himself with the funny looking black clicky box all that personality came out.  Thinking about it, it must be a strange experience to be followed around an arena by some kind of a strange human with a noisy back box. 

Horses are skittish to say the least, and any horse owner would tell you that they tend to want to run away or freeze at the sight of anything new.  I once knew a horse named Flash who froze at the sight of puddles, and am informed that Red had a tendency to avoid suspicious looking branches.  It's a defence thing.

So, getting to know the horse is only a small part of equestrian photography, if they're new to the activity, they have to get to know you too. 

So, once all the personality was in the open, we were set to take some wonderful photographs. It was a truly magnificent experience.  

If you're taking photos of your animals, remember to let them get used to the camera first, and look for the soul and personality to capture.  Or you could ask me to shoot a fab portrait. 

Until next time,