Diffuse photographic is now Diffuse photo

Hello everyone!  

This Preston Photographer is back with a new website.

I'm so excited to be able to announce that this new website is now live!  Until recently diffuse photo has been operating under the name Diffuse Photographic, from http://diffusephotographic.co.uk where I displayed many portfolios, guides, and some great news, however the time came where simplicity and professionalism became all important, to give you my readers and customers a much more pleasant experience. 

For those of you who are new to diffuse photo - WELCOME! Enjoy my portfolios and ramblings. I will continue to post great tips and news, including sneak peeks into the work I do.

For those who keep up with my guides, although they may soon be erased along with the old website, they will be returning in the form of a new and greatly improved downloadable e-book along with lots of new lessons and content all in one place for your convenience.  I will also be sure to drip feed your enthusiasm with plenty more mini guides and tips. 

Until next time!